• The collector

    As a self confessed collector of things I decided to write a few words on my past history of obtaining large quantities of stuff. My very first col...
  • Searching for inspiration

    Well, It's another sweltering Monday lunchtime here in Hackney as I sit down with my first coffee of the day listening to the tranquil sounds of police sirens dance off a light easterly breeze.
  • Pubs and Dalston

    Hello lovely people. It's been a long time coming but after weeks of rubbing our Corrona covered paws in anticipation the day is nearly upon us an...
  • Hackney Heart

    As I sit here on an overcast Sunday afternoon staring at two magnificent victorian gas towers 'built by designer John Clark in 1866' I wonder why I'm actually bothering to write this post when all around me the world seems to be imploding on itself.
  • Art prints under £100

    Friends, family, customers and lovers! Whilst my evening ritual of consuming my own body weight in chocolate continues unabated and packs of ra...
  • New Website Launch

    Friends, family, customers & lovers! I present to you the very first Planet Patrol blog post which according to the experts is something I need...