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Pubs and Dalston

Hello lovely people. It's been a long time coming but after weeks of rubbing our Corona covered paws in anticipation the day is nearly upon us and no I'm not referring to the second coming of Christ or an air-bridge to Babylon although that would be quite an eye-opener. I am of course talking about the reopening of our nations universally loved public houses. A place to meet up with friends and loved ones or just another chance to stalk that tinder date that blew you out before lockdown was imposed. Red-faced Brexiteers will be charging their glasses and talking incoherently about how surviving lockdown was just like the good old days. The Yute will be drinking to excess and quite rightly so as most of them are now either out of work or still on furlough. The one thing that we Brits should be proud of apart from the invention of Yorkshire Puddings is that we can always be relied upon to get shit faced at just a minutes notice. Long live 'Les Rosbefs'

As I Inch ever closer towards being nominated for a Vuelio blog award (I can almost touch it) I feel It might be the time to raise my game a little so with that in mind I've decided to introduce a brand new section called Word-Up which is basically words that I've never heard before or don't know the meaning of. So without further delay, this month's Word-Up word is...Refulgent! which means Shining Brightly.
I always promised that my blog posts would be informative. 

Ok, let's get back to what I actually do other than write the odd blog post and stare at gas towers. This week's Screenprint is a brand new DALSTON edition and before you start banging on about jumping on the bandwagon, this print has been in the making for some time it's only really now that I've had a chance to get around to printing it, and yes it happens to have coincided with Pride, which is a really, really, good thing! So If you're looking for a splash of colour to brighten up the pad or just love Dalston (my old stomping ground) and the home of Ridley Road Market, Rio Cinema, and the one and only Dalston Super Store then click on the link below and go grab one of our lovely limited edition screenprints. I could think of worse things to spend your money on.

Dalston screenprint

Until next month.

Stay safe and don't get too lashed (drunk)
as they used to say in my home town of Suffolk.