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The collector

As a self confessed collector of things I decided to write a few words on my past history of obtaining large quantities of stuff. My very first collection started from around the age of 6 in the form of novelty rubbers (not to be confused with the miracle male sheath known as the condom), the smell of a fresh eraser and there bright colours led me to collect well over 100 of these squidgy blocks of delight that came in various shapes and sizes. 

This was quickly followed by Eye Ball cards which were used to identify CB Radio (Citizens Band) users on meet-ups, though the only meet-ups I would have were generally confined to the playground area where I would then swap cards with other likeminded CB Radio obsessed nerds. If there happened to be a card I was desperate to own I would sometimes venture into the murky world of swapping hard to come by tuck-shop contraband such as Wham Bars and Sherbet Dip Dabs. It was fun, but short lived.

In 1977 everything changed when the movie Star Wars hit the screens and the Kenner Toy Company’s action figure range became available. This is when my collecting became less of a hobby and more of an obsession! Weekend trips to the toy store in Ipswich would fill me with uncontrollable excitement as I searched desperately for figures to add to my collection. It got to the point where mere toys were not enough and my collection quickly expanded to homewares in the form of Star Wars duvet covers, wallpaper and mugs. I eventually tired of collecting Star Wars stuff and was introduced to something more befitting my age, Hip Hop!
This is when things really exploded on the collecting front as my new obsession was to now become a DJ and as everyone knows a DJ is only as good as his record collection.   

Twenty five years later after a somewhat patchy career as a club DJ, my collection now lurks in a wooden crate within a huge warehouse in a scene reminiscent to the ending of  Raiders of the Lost Ark.  


Zak Khutoretsky going through his 20,000 plus record collection.
This image was taken from the brilliant book Dust and Grooves which takes an in-depth look at a variety of well-known vinyl collectors and of known and unknown DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday enthusiasts.



Star Wars Trading Cards as seen on Ebay.


 Someones Eraser collection as seen on Pinterest.

The collector record collection shelf