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How to hang a picture

There are many different options for hanging frames on walls, from quick and simple to options for heavier pieces. Depending on how temporary or permanent the hanging is there are different methods. 

How to hang a picture

Magnetic poster frame

One option is the magnetic poster frame. This is a great lightweight solution which only requires something like a nail or a lightweight hook to attach it to the wall. The style is also quite vintage and simple and of course this is an inexpensive option. Below we have our Hackney portrait print shown in a magnetic poster frame by Iamfy which is a breezy £8.

Magnetic poster frame hackney print


Blu tak (sticky tak)

Only us this method on walls of people you hate. Try to avoid using this at all costs. Not only does it ruin the artwork but it also ruins your walls. The sticky residue never ever comes off despite how many coats of paint you put on, its futile. This image below is an art piece by copy write Ash Gotti called "wall of shame" which explores the ideas that our Heros always let us down... but blu tak will never be removed. You can see other images HERE

Ash Gotti


This is more of a left field method which I think could be surprisingly successful. However this article gives a step by step guide on how to do it. This is especially good for pieces that might be the same size that you want to move around the house and refresh your walls. I think it would work well with kids drawings as shown in the article on wikihow here.


Japanese Washi Tape

This is also an interesting idea for attaching posters and artworks to walls. The author of this blog post says "I’ve tested the tape on all of my posters, and after almost a month none of them have fallen off. I’ve actually repositioned a few of the posters, and it was effortlessly easy".

On the down side, you need to incorporate the washi tape into the design of the wall, this method works well for walls that have a messier, or more 'scrap book' feel. Like on the image below, but it can look a bit messy if you are going for a minimalist look. The washi tape method for attaching posters to walls works better if the poster itself is on lightweight paper.

Japanese washi tape to stick up posters

Plastic picture hanging hooks 

These are the obvious solution for hanging lightweight artwork, but obviously works only if it is framed. You can get them easily at any hardware or DIY store and they are easy to install you just need a hammer (or a shoe). The up side to these is that they are also relatively easy to remove and can hold a decent weight.

Picture hanging tools

Hang using binder clips

A standard and classic stationery item that you can find anywhere is the binder clip or snap back clip. They come in many different sizes to suit the scale of your artwork and are really easy to install. Once you clip the clip to the artwork or poster you just need to use a simple small nail to attach it to the wall. This method gives a clean and contemporary look to the interior without detracting too much from the artwork. 

hanging artwork using binder clips