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Searching for inspiration

Hello lovely peeps!

Well, It's another sweltering Monday lunchtime here in Hackney as I sit down with my first coffee of the day listening to the tranquil sounds of police sirens dance off a light easterly breeze. I can feel the caffeine now flowing through my veins in the hope that it will access scraps of information from the temporal lobe area of my drug-addled barnacle clad brain and in doing so unfumble (new word alert!) five hundred words that I will then arrange into some vaguely coherent blog post.

One thing that is worth mentioning whilst I delve into the grey matter for inspiration is that this weekend saw the reopening of Broadway Market in Hackney. Although there was very little fanfare it felt good to be back, sipping coffee with my market pals and chatting to customers. If you find yourself in or around Hackney on a Saturday it's definitely worth a look and as a small independent business, your support is always very welcome.

Here are a few artists that have caught my eye recently. 

Quentin Monge grew up on a beach in the south of France, where he started out drawing simple silhouettes in the sand. After several years abroad he decided to go back to his hometown. He now lives and works in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. 

He has worked as an illustrator since 2015 with hundreds of clients.
Quentin keeps pushing the boundaries of his creative journey by exploring new practices. Either through his paintings, sculptures or various collaborations.

His online store recently opened and he has a great selection of fine art prints for sale, some of which I have my eye on.




Kyler Martz is a Seattle based tattooer and illustrator whose work has gone way beyond just tattoo flash sheets. He regularly releases screen printed editions of his work as well as interactive wooden sculptures such as his diving girls and whaleboats. 

I used to sell a selection of Kyler's work a few years back and I'm now kind of wishing I'd kept it all! C'est la vie Monsieur Mole.


I don't know much about Sean Thornhill other than this made me laugh when I came across it on Instagram last week. You can pick up the FedUp print via his Etsy shop for £10 along with some other lovely Mid-Century style prints.



Studio News



After the success of our first Hackney Heart edition, I decided to add another colour option in the form of Powder Pink. This is available as a three colour hand-pulled screen print and is a small edition of only 25. 
For every print sold, we will donate £10 to

Hackney foodbank provides three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are most at risk. They help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems.

So, after searching my brain for blogspiration (Yes, another new word!) I'm happy to report that I could find absolutely nothing of interest. But in doing so I unexpectedly managed to hit my five hundred word blog quota through writing down pure unadulterated trumpery (my new favourite word).

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Until next time
Stay safe